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What about AHSE?

The Home Staging Association in Spain is a non-profit organisation, which has formalised and defined the concept of Home Staging in Spain, in order to popularise and professionalise this new activity in our country.

Home owners and Real Estate Agents both benefit from Home Staging, given that it leads to an increase in rents and the sale of goods, on the basis of a professional code of conduct which all members commit to.

Through AHSE, members are provided with news, innovative developments and sector statistics, they can also share experiences and information.

This all results in improved training and knowledge for all members, and of course, an improved service for the client.

Who makes all possible?

The AHSE was founded in 2013 and, since November 2018, its Board is formed by Caroline Jurgens, Inés Pérez, Mónica Blanco, Patricia González, Sachi Serrano and Xandra Esteban.

These six members of the AHSE Board are Home Stagers with shared concerns and who are working towards a common goal: taking the Home Staging sector to a higher level.

Caroline Jurgens


Inés Pérez


Mónica Blanco


Patricia González


Sachi Serrano

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Xandra Esteban


The AHSE was founded in 2013 by Constanza Subijana, Caroline Jurgens and Barbara Dircksens.

From June 2016 until the last renewal of the Board, the people who were in charge of the AHSE were Constanza Subijana, César Carro, who replaced Rebeca Bermejo (from April 2018 to September 2018) and Anna Lavado.

Currently these members are no longer active on the Board. They deserve all our gratitude and recognition for their vital contribution in the founding of the AHSE and the Home Staging sector.

In 2017 the AHSE is certified by the IAHSP, an Association founded by Barb Schwarz, the creator of the Home Staging, and is included in the IAHSP Europe.

In 2018, during Barb Schwarz’s visit to Spain, she was named Honorary President of the AHSE.

Barb Schwarz: Honorary President

In 1999 Barb Founded and Began to Build The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP.com. It was the very first Staging Association

in the world.  Barb’s large vision was to build and grow a World-Wide Home Staging Organization for Home Staging Professionals®.  IAHSP is that organization!

IAHSP has become the leading Staging Association in the World for The Staging Industry that Barb invented.

As The Creator of Home Staging Barb has built the IAHSP Association, through her vision , mission and the culture she built, to continually raise the level of Staging education, and Standards of the Home Staging Industry always.  

Barb also founded The World Wide Staging Service Week, WWSSW, for Home Stagers to give back to their communities through Home Staging Projects for Associations, organizations and Homes in those of need such as Children Homes and Shelters each year.  As people become a Home Stager they can join The IAHSP® Association and continue to grow their business from the education offered through the IAHSP® Chapters, IAHSP® Conferences, Conventions, Monthly IAHSP® Communications and IAHSP® meetings with stellar speakers each year.

Barb is The Founder, Chairwoman Emeritus of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP.com, and The IAHSP Global Goodwill Ambassador for around the World.

Barb continues to share and contribute her wisdom and experience on a monthly basis through The IAHSP International Calls for our IAHSP Members.